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Mastery - flower essence.

Mastery - flower essence.

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A Modrn Medicin collaboration with Hamsa Le Fae.

Each batch of flower essence is wildcrafted, moon beam infused and hand made by Hamsa Le Fae in San Diego, CA.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted peach flower,
organic coconut glycerine,
Virgo Moon infused purified water

Peach Flower Essence:

Crafted under a Leo Full moon with peach flower. 

Mantra: “I nourish the divine mother within me.”

Flower code:

When two environments, two relationships, two centers, want to connect....let them. Permission is my nourishment.

Dose: One full dropper upon rising and resting.

Medicinal Properties: Flower essences are a form of herbal medicine used in plant therapy. It targets the healing of your spiritual body by using flower codes to evolve certain thought patterns in your mind. Each flower has its own individual healing properties.

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