Understanding Pitta: Fire and Passion

Understanding Pitta: Fire and Passion

In Ayurveda Pitta is one of three Doshas, or body constitutions, that define our personality and health traits. The elements that make up Pitta are fire and a tiny bit of water. The qualities of the Pitta Dosha are oiliness, sharpness, and heat. When if you have balanced Pitta your mind is inquisitive, you are a great leader, you are passionate and people feel inspired when they are around you. If your Pitta is weak (needs more fire) you may be stuck in old patterns, have a difficult time seeing choices clearly, or have no motivation in life. If you have too much Pitta (needs cooling) you may become hyper-critical, compulsive, irritable, angry, reactive or insistent. 

What it looks like to be Pitta Dominant:

Pitta is known as "that which digest things" it is metabolic energy related to assimilation and transformation. Pitta is the fiery force of digestion of both physical food into nutrients and the digestion of thoughts into emotions. A healthy Pitta is a great hype-person and they light up every room simply by existing. They have the gift of discernment that can cut through a smokescreen allowing profound situational clarity. 

  • Naturally toned body 
  • Angular face with deep set eyes 
  • Rosy undertones in your skin 
  • Skin is prone to rashes or acne 
  • Hair turns gray early 
  • Loose stools 
  • Strong appetite, can get hangry 
  • Craves Spicy foods 
  • Often feels thirsty
  • A natural born leader 
  • Loves intensity in life like HITT workouts, marathons or very detailed spreadsheets 
  • Naturally sharp and focused mind 
  • Can be quick to react 
  • Body temperature runs hot 
  • Likes to invest money on luxuries 
  • Very intricate / intense dreams with themes of violence or war  

athletic pitta body type

A balanced Pitta: 

  • Healthy Digestion
  • No excess heat or inflammation 
  • Free from acne and excess oil 
  • Mind is clear and sharp, quick witted 
  • Natural enthusiasm for life 
  • Is empowering to others 
  • Is asleep before 10:00pm
  • Motivated, courageous and takes on leadership roles

Recognizing an Imbalanced Pitta (needs calming):

Identifying the ways your Pitta is imbalanced is crucial for living a balanced, aligned life. Some signs of aggravated Pitta includes:

  1. Physical Symptoms: Excess sweat, redness and rashes on the body, acne, heartburn and indigestion, loose stools 

  2. Mental and Emotional Signs: Stress and intensity, impatient, irritable or reactive, bossy, critical, use of combative or judgmental language 

  3. Spiritual or Energetic Disruptions: Can't fall asleep until midnight or 2am, feeling like you need to be in control of everything in life, jealously and heated reactions, intense relationship patterns 

Pacifying The Pitta Dosha 

To pacify an aggravated Pitta Dosha we can look to various different nutritional and lifestyle practices so that you can go from hot and spicy to empowered and passionate! 

Nutritional Recommendations for Balancing Pitta: 

If Pitta is hot and spicy then we balance with the opposite: cool and sweet. Foods like mint, fennel, cucumber, cumin, coriander, cardamom, coconut oil and coconut water. Reduce coffee, alcohol and spicy foods. 

Lifestyle Recommendations for Balancing Pitta: 

Tame your fire with consistent, nourishing meals. It is important that your digestive system gets in a routine with eating at the same time each day, typically earlier than most people with snacks in between. It is crucial not to skip lunch. Speak softly and lovingly to yourself and others, write a love note and place rose oil on your pulse points. Avoid spicy foods, hot tubs, saunas and hot weather as that will further perpetuate the nature of Pitta.

Pitta Leadership Conductor

The Inspiring Pitta 

If you have ever gone to a public speaking event, or an incredible yoga class and felt like your whole world view has shifted into a space of pure empowerment, the person leading had healthy Pitta. If you are a pitta dominant person, creating this passion and spark for life includes embracing leadership roles with grace and compassion, connecting with the sweetness of life by going on moonlit walks and taking moments to pause and breathe before responding. My core message to Pitta: Lead with love above all else, and watch your path fall into perfect alignment. 

Always consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for personalized guidance in balancing your Doshas and promoting overall health and wellness.

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