Amore St Ives

My practice has a focal point of herbalism and nutrition as the most potent form of medicine. They say that 'The first spiritual discipline is food, and the Ayurvedi must learn how to digest rocks.’

Together we will work to create diet and lifestyle changes for long term health and well being thus, improving your immunity and reduce your frequency of illness. This leads to better relationships, greater emotional awareness, and clarity on what your highest potential truly is. 

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Six Month Ayurvedic Protocol: 10 visits for a healthier, happier, more balanced YOU!

These 10 visits are split into 3 stages where we do a deep dive into your constitution, create a personalized health plan and then integrate the Ayurvedic methods that align most with your specific health needs.

Meetings held in person in San Diego or in my virtual office.

About Amore

Amore has the roots of the Pacific Northwest and the spirit of the Southern Coast. She spent many of her formative years exploring the healing powers of nature in Portland Oregon that initiated her love of untethered travel and learning. She went to school at The University California - San Diego, The Art Institute, Ashford University and Shakti School of Ayurveda to follow her passion for people, movement, art and wellness. Currently she holds degrees in psychology, interior design, theatre dance and a Masters in management. She is also a certified personal trainer and wellness coach. In 2001 she served in the Peace Corps, Ghana Africa as a health and sanitation teacher to local villages. Upon returning from Africa Amore was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases; ankylosing spondylitis and ulcerative colitis. This has only activated a deeper yearning to learn and share her experience and knowledge as a collective community of healing.