Molly Behunin

As an Ayurvedic practitioner I use an additive approach where we incrementally incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your daily life that will transform your relationship with health. No longer will you feel emotional overwhelm when it comes to bringing your body back to homeostasis! We will work together carefully to identify the root of your ailments and implement a full spectrum plan in order to achieve long lasting health and vitality or as we say in Ayurveda~ Ojas.

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The more I work with the principles of Ayurveda, the more my anxious heart clams down and the more my body becomes simultaneously stronger and softer. I cannot wait to share this life-elevating wisdom with you.

Ayurvedic Protocol Options:

Three Months, The Foundations: This protocol is Dosha centered, we will do a deep dive into your personal constitution and make lifestyle and nutrition adjustments accordingly. We will cultivate the ability to live an empowered and aligned life that leads to optimal health and vitality through Dosha self discovery!

Six Months, The Root: When there is imbalance in the system, there is disorder and disease. In this protocol will address what the origin of your ailments are that are taking you away from living in your most true nature. We will implement herbal remedies, movement & mindfulness practices, and nutritional adjustments according to your specific needs. We will also go through two cleansing protocols in order to rid of toxins + nourish your system.

Twelve Months, The Embodiment: When we learn the rhythms of Mother Nature both inside ourselves and out in the world, we feel better. We have more energy, our mind is calmer, our vision is more clear, our hearts are open.
In this protocol we will work closely together through each season implementing seasonally aligned meals, movement and lifestyle practices. With the turn of each season we will do ancient Ayurvedic seasonal cleansing regimens to flush our toxins and prepare your body for the season to come. This is a deep dive to ingrain the philosophy of Ayurveda into your heart and mind so that it stays with you for a lifetime of vitality.

One time visits as needed are available upon completion of a full protocol.

Meetings are held in person in San Diego & Laguna Beach at The Wellness Lab, or in my virtual office.

  • Recourses You Will Receive

    • A prescribed food list that targets your particular areas of concern

    • Customized guided meditations
    • Danyachara Map: A customized detailed outline on how to live your best life (but like, for real) in accordance to the Dosha times of day, your living environment, and your individual Dosha
    • Accessible mindful practices that you can implement in triggered states
    • A list of Vetted wellness brands that I use daily
    • Exclusive discounts at our online store and for Modrn Medicin events + retreats
  • Additional Offerings From Molly

    • Reiki Healing Session
    • Soundbath Ceremony
    • Subconscious Reprograming + Sound Bath
    • Reiki energy reset for your home or business establishment
    • Reiki protective shield for your home or business establishment
    • Reiki abundance generator for your home or business establishment