Tongue Scraping: The 10 Second Routine That Will Change Your Life

Tongue Scraping: The 10 Second Routine That Will Change Your Life

For centuries, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of holistic medicine, has emphasized the profound impact of oral hygiene on overall health and well-being. While brushing and flossing and oil pulling are fundamental, tongue scraping, an often overlooked practice, holds immense value within the Ayurvedic framework. Let's delve into the world of tongue scraping, exploring its benefits, its role in an ideal oral hygiene routine, and the surprising connection between oral health and mental well-being and digestion.

The Ayurvedic Perspective on Tongue Scraping:

Ayurveda views the tongue as a window to our internal health. Our tongues directly reflect the state of our digestive system and well-being. There are several different qualities we look for as Ayurvedic Practitioners when we are examining your tongue to identify the ways in which you are imbalanced. One of the major factors is the accumulation of toxins known as "ama" in the body. Ama can manifest as a coating on the tongue caused by the toxic build up. If you do not have proper oral hygiene, and are not addressing your imbalances to clear the ama, it can lead to various concerns like foul breath, taste distortion, and digestive imbalances.

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Benefits of Tongue Scraping:

Incorporating tongue scraping into your daily routine (or dinacharya) helps remove bacteria, debris, and dead cells from the tongue. Because our digestion starts with the enzymes in our mouth, this action promotes better digestion. It also creates a clean and clear oral environment for fresh breath and even helps your teeth stay white.

  • Detoxification: Gently scraping the tongue removes ama, bacteria, and dead cells, promoting internal cleansing and potentially aiding digestion.
  • Maintaining White Teeth: If you are spending $$$ on teeth whitening products but aren't scraping your tongue, you are missing out! The bacteria on your tongue will actually stain your teeth if it is not cleaned properly. 
  • Fresh Breath: By eliminating the build-up responsible for bad breath, tongue scraping leaves you feeling fresh and confident.
  • Enhanced Taste: Removing the coating on the tongue allows taste buds to function optimally, leading to an acute sense of taste that will make food taste even more magical.
  • Improved Oral Hygiene: Tongue scraping complements brushing and flossing by reaching areas inaccessible to a toothbrush, creating a cleaner and healthier oral environment free of bacteria, dead cells and ama.
  • Stimulates Digestion: According to Ayurveda, specific areas on the tongue correspond to various organs. Scraping these areas is believed to stimulate the digestive system, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption. Because your digestion begins with the enzymes in your mouth, when you have a clean and clear tongue you are able to absorb your nutrients better and improve your digestion. 

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Creating an Ideal Oral Hygiene Routine:

Ayurveda advocates for a holistic approach to oral hygiene, combining modern practices with ancient wisdom:

  1. Brush: Begin brushing your teeth using a natural toothpaste free of harsh chemicals. Brush twice daily for two minutes, focusing on all surfaces of your teeth. My secret to white teeth is brushing first with charcoal powder (specifically the dry powder that comes in a jar) to remove stains, and then brush a second time with all natural toothpaste. 
  2. Floss: I recommend using charcoal floss because I feel like it does a better job extracting the debris between my teeth that brushing cannot reach. When you are flossing, imagine getting up and around each tooth rather than just up and down between teeth for healthier gums and plaque free teeth. 
  3. Tongue Scrape: Gently place the horseshoed end of your tongue scrapper at the back of your tongue, apply light pressure as you pull the scraper along your tongue, removing the film (or ama), after use, rinse with clean water, wipe dry, and store in a dry space. Smile... your papillae are happy!
  4. Oil Pull: This practice involves swishing a tablespoon of various oils in your mouth for 15-20 minutes before spitting it out. It is believed to aid in detoxification and improve oral health.

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Why Copper? 

We crafted the Modrn Medicin Tongue Scraper with copper because copper is naturally antimicrobial, possessing the ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the tongue's surface. This can contribute to fresher breath and improved oral health. A pure copper tongue scraper is durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, ensuring longevity and hygienic use.

The Mind-Body Connection: Oral Health and Mental Wellbeing

Recent studies highlight a fascinating connection between oral health and mental well-being. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to an increased risk of anxiety, depression, and even cognitive decline. Conversely, maintaining good oral health, including tongue scraping, can contribute to improved mental clarity, mood regulation, and overall well-being.

Your New Favorite Ayurvedic Practice 

Tongue scraping, when integrated into your daily routine, transcends the realm of simply freshening breath. As an Ayurvedic practice, it offers a holistic approach to promoting oral health, potentially improving digestion, and even contributing to mental well-being. Embrace this ancient wisdom and embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you, one gentle scrape at a time using the Modrn Medicin Pure Copper Tongue Scraper.

Always consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for personalized guidance in Ayurvedic practices and promoting overall health and wellness.

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