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Ayurvedic Herbal Latte Ingredients + Benefits


Beets: grounding and blood building

Elderberry: antioxidants and immunity 

Ginger and cinnamon: activating for digestive system and warming 

Ashwagandha: stabilizes nervous system, promotes, mental focus and stamina 


Butterfly Pea: nootropic that stabilizes the body and spirit

Cardamom and Fennel: anti-inflammatory and cooling

Dandelion: calming and cleansing

Nettle: stabilizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels


Turmeric: warming and anti-inflammatory

Ginger and Pepper: flushes and activates system, promotes digestion

Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng): natural energizer

Cardamom: promotes digestion and is antibacterial 


Charcoal: detoxifies and flushes the body of toxins, supports kidney function, and is an antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal

Vanilla: reduces anxiety and depression

Marshmallow: demulcent that helps lubricate and hydrate the body


Rose and Lavender: connect with your divine, supports skin and hair health, helps alleviate cramps and PMS symptoms

Cinnamon: warms and sweetens the body

Shatavari: balances hormones and reduces menopausal symptoms


Moringa: nutrient dense, builds and heals muscles

Mesquite: high in magnesium, high in protein, and increases bone strength

Bee pollen: anti-aging, fights prostate disease, and increases energy

Mucuna: boosts fertility and testosterone


Modrn Medicin is a brand with a mission of highlighting Women, Queers and Bi-Poc in the community through intentionally selected ingredients and partnerships.

Women in Wellness

In addition to making Ayurvedic wellness accessible, working with queer, women and/or bi-poc leaders in the community is one of Modrn Medicin's missions.
Our cafe is part of a woman owned collective called Maya Moon. Maya Moon is an icon for ceremonial cacao and GF/Vegan desserts. We source our ingredients in the cafe from places like Goddess Ghee. Goddess Ghee is a Mama owned & women run small business in the heart of Appalachia that makes incredible herbal infused, consciously crafted Ghee.

We feel beyond blessed to work with all of these intelligent, creative and wonderful leaders!

Women in Coffee

We pull the thread of women power a layer deeper by sourcing our coffee from Queer, Woman owned roasters Ultreya Coffee. We use beans from woman produced coffee farms in Mexico and Brazil.

On pour over we have an incredible Honduras Gea.

In Greek mythology, Gea (pronounced hay-uh) is the goddess of the Earth and the mother of all creation. Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) exporter Becamo created this regional blend from the coffees of more than 400 women producers and gave it a name that, it says, “embodies the determined spirit of women."

Women producers — whether because a partner has passed away or migrated, or out of a pure passion for coffee — absolutely seize the opportunities that coffee presents, say our colleagues at Becamo. They rise before dawn to care for children and elders and tend to housekeeping, all before heading to the fields. Women also create opportunities and resources for one another, lend a hand during harvest, offer advice and bring notable attention to the details in their drying and milling.

Per Becamo: “Women have also shown their ability to take a rough patch of land and turn it into a successful coffee farm, in part by planting timber and fruit alongside coffee crops, to increase shade and soil moisture and to encourage microclimates that bring complexity and quality to the cup.” This coffee acknowledges and pays tribute to their work.

Come by the cafe or shop or beans online to try it!

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