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Modrn Medicin

MAGIC - Nootropic Mushroom Blend

MAGIC - Nootropic Mushroom Blend

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Our most iconic blend is repackaged and reformulated! Pre Order today for shipping on the first week of March! 

An intentionally crafted blend of 10 nootropic mushrooms, Arjuna, raw cacao and warming spices to begin your day with a cognitive boost for superior brain function. Magic can be used on its own herbal latte style or added into your favorite morning beverage.


One Tablespoon on its own or one teaspoon in your favorite morning brew


Nootropics are molecules that enhance cognitive function. We use a blend of mushroom adaptogens that target the brain for mental stamina, alertness, and focus. In the digital age this concentration boost is a daily ritual that will elevate your productivity and thus, your life.


As the King of Ayurvedic spices, this bark from an Indian evergreen tones the circulatory system and promotes proper function of your heart muscles. Arjuna is traditionally used to foster emotional balance and is said to mend a broken heart by imparting courage and strengthening willpower.


Arjuna, chaga, shiitake, maitake, reishi, turkey tail, lion’s mane, wood ear, mesima, oyster, cordyceps, cacao, cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper

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Customer Reviews

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Kelcy Wackler
Magic ✨

I LOVE Modrn Medicin and going into the cafe is my favorite, BUT When I want to indulge in a morning ritual of my own I add magic to cacao or coffee. It helps bring the cafe experience home & the mushrooms give me a boost of intention, energy and focus that’s unmatched with coffee alone! Love modrn medicin and all of their products!

Eileen Fuerte
Truly Magical

As a tired mama of two kids, this Magic blend is a delightful addition to my coffee. It gives me energy and allows me to stay focused, especially on days with sleepless nights. It's truly magical and has helped me get though the day. Highly recommend!!!

Edna Mawhinney
Mushrooms broooo

Modrn medicin just doesn’t miss, I have enjoyed an array of their offerings but this blend is by far my favorite. It’s not only delicious but really helps my perpetually crispy nervous system regain a little umph. Adaptogenic mushrooms are my lifeline, it helps that they make it delicious. I’ve had it with coffee, I’ve had it with just some oat milk, I’ve had it with matcha, I’ve had it in protein smoothies, I’ve had it with cacao, who knows what I’ll put it in next!!

Ray Sinsay
Wow. 🤩

Better than my morning coffee. It gave me a boost of energy without the jitters and crash afterwards. Taste great too. I highly recommend it.

Lisa P.
Adds Spice to my life!

I love the Magic blend! It’s the perfect addition to a warm espresso or golden milk drink with just the right amount of warming spices for my vata system. It tastes great and I feel energized after drinking. Perfect addition to my morning ritual.