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MYSTIC - Ceremonial Grade Cacao blend with Ayurvedic Spices

MYSTIC - Ceremonial Grade Cacao blend with Ayurvedic Spices

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This heart opening ceremonial grade cacao is raw and single origin sourced from Ecuador.

Cacao contains theobromine, a cardiovascular stimulant that activates your energy and elevates your mood. It is rich in antioxidants that support heart health and anti-aging. It is also a natural aphrodisiac that increases your pleasure pathways. 


Scoop four Tablespoons into 8oz hot water or warm milk and blend with an electric whisk or in a blender

Cacao - Theobromine

This heart expander nourishes and awakens the full spectrum of your soul. Cacao contains Theobromine, a compound that uplifts your mood and serves as a heart stimulant. Cacao will take dullness within your mental, physical, and spiritual body and burst it into ecstasy. Our raw cacao is ceremonial grade and sourced from Ecuador.


The thick, succulent roots of this powerful plant are traditionally used to balance hormones for all genders. It helps relieve menstrual pain, boosts lactation, and alleviates menopausal systems. It also balances testosterone production. No matter what stage of life you are in, Shatavari is the guide that will ensure all your divinity is potent and functional.


Maya Moon raw cacao, shatavari, maple crystals, ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg

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Customer Reviews

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Alison Ruggio

I highly recommend!

Stephanie Prevost
My new favorite beverage

Mystic is my new favorite hot drink. The flavor is amazing (think mocha + chai) but the real benefit is how it made me feel! Despite the shot of espresso I mixed in (which usually leaves me jittery and thirsty), I felt calm, focused (I was working at the computer), and hydrated. Tip: really yummy with pistachio milk!

Magickally mystical af!

Wether you decide to go for the magick or the mystic, you’re in for a plethora of magnificence!!! The team at modrn medicin have really put Ayurveda on the scene with their products! Highly recommended! I love the homage of the earthly goodness to honor the altars we inhabit. The layers of intentionality with the spice profile partnered with the reiki is truly sensational. Love what the team is cultivating not only from the magick of the earth and what they are sharing, the passion they pour into education and community is monumental in any offering. Mahalo beauties!! Sending great love, beauty and expansion as you share you magick to the world!

Daniel Clark
Mystic and magical!!

I first tried Mystic at Modrn Medicin’s cafe on Adams Ave in San Diego and I was blown away!! The full flavor of the amazing cacao mixed with the beautiful aroma of the herbs and spices makes for the perfect combination. It definitely gave me a boost in energy and in vibe. There’s something special in this blend that has me coming back for more!! So glad I can now take the Mystic home!!!

Practical mysticism

The single origin cacao is delicious on its own but the addition of the Shatavari adds a really nice rich demulcent quality with nice warming spices to round it all out. I really like to add it to a cup of decaf or half-caf coffee as it helps smooth the transition on my journey to minimize my caffeine dependence lol. I do wish there was more cacao in it but that’s just because I am greedy about cacao. 🤷🏽‍♀️ 10/10 otherwise.