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Modrn Medicin

Pitta - Astringent Spice Blend

Pitta - Astringent Spice Blend

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The Modrn Medicin Pitta Spice Blend is formulated to ease digestive disturbances associated with Pitta Dosha. It targets excess heat, smelly gas, acidity, loose stools and a veracious appetite. Cooling spices of coriander, fennel, and mint work synergistically to soothe the tissues in the GI tract while turmeric promotes intestinal balance, and the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Use the Vata Spice Blend to season your favorite dishes and maintain a balanced life! 

How to use

Elevate your salad dressing, hummus, smoothies, vegetables, soups


Coriander, fennel, mint, dill, turmeric, black pepper

Pitta Qualities

Elements: fire + water

Energetics: Fiery force of transmutation, metabolic energy

Qualities: hot, oily, passionate, strong, confident, intense

Governs: Stomach and small intestine, and the digestion + metabolism of food and emotions

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Customer Reviews

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Kitchen staple!

As a Pitta my metabolism is super quick and I can get hangry often. Since I have been using this spice blend for my lunches it helps to calm and cool my digestion so I stay full / fulfilled longer. Now I don't have to rely on afternoon snaking + my food tastes way better with this spice!