Understanding Kapha: The Sweet Sap of Life

Understanding Kapha: The Sweet Sap of Life

Understanding Kapha: The Sap of Life  

Luscious and well-lubricated, kapha is the ancient dependability of a mountain, the stable womb of a mama's belly, or the absolute trust of a family dinner ritual. I see her as the soft, mother archetype, sturdy down to the bone, consistent as the rising sun, nurturing growth like fertile soil. Kapha is the combined elements of Earth and Water. It is the meat, fat, liquid, and bones of the body, the parts that keep us strong and well oiled. Kapha is also the force behind the lymphatic system and the mucous membranes. It is related to the qualities of density, heaviness, wetness, and coolness. Kapha people have lots of stability within their lives and their temper.

What it looks like to be Kapha Dominant:

Kapha is known as "that witch holds things together" it is potential energy related to stability and lubrication. Kapha is our ability to be compassionate, soft and grounded. If you are Kapha, you are calm and offer an endless well of nectar and care to those around you. You can give support with out feeling depleted. 

  • You have a thicker build and a rounder face.
  • You have rounder body features in general.
  • Your cheeks are plump and your nose is fleshy.
  • Your eyes are large and round. You have been told that they are unbelievably beautiful.
  • You have been told that you have great skin. People have asked to touch it, as it is wonderfully soft. Your skin can be moist and, when out of balance, have cystic acne.
  • You have strong, healthy gums and teeth.
  • Your hair is thick, curly, wavy, and/or has a polished look.
  • Your joints are large and well lubricated. They don't ache or crunch or squeak. They are not prone to inflammation. 
  • You are rarely super thirsty.
  • Your appetite is predictable, but not necessarily big.
  • You tend toward slower digestion and may feel heavy after eating.
  • Your stools tend to be large and bulky, possibly even with mucus.
  • You sweat a lot, but it smells sweet.
  • You have been called earthy or grounded. Your friends know that they can always count on you.
  • You are a total love bug, but you can get possessive or overly sentimental when out of balance.
  • You are generally calm and consistent.
  • When out of balance, you may be a hoarder.
  • Your body temperature tends to be cool, but not cold.
  • Your period is regular with an average to heavy flow.
  • You sleep heavily when in balance. You love sleeping late and it can be hard to get out of bed in the morning.
  • Your speech moves at a slow pace, your tone is soft, and your words are usually sweet.
  • You have good finances and know how to save money.
  • Your dreams are romantic. You dream of sex, snow, and watery places like cool mountain lakes.

kapha Dosha face

A balanced Kapha: 

  • Strong body and stable mind 
  • Loyal, dependable, loving 
  • Happily support others and themselves  
  • Skin is soft, smooth and luscious 
  • Fulfilling relationships 
  • Can easily forgive yourself and others
  • Thick, soft hair 
  • Well lubricated body 
  • Healthy weight for individual height and structure  

Recognizing an Imbalanced Kapha (needs stimulation): 

Identifying imbalance Kapha qualities helps to find energy and inspiration, and clear our dullness and mucus. Some signs of aggravated Kapha are: 

  1. Physical Symptoms: Clammy pale skin, holds onto excess weight, feeling heavy in your body, lethargic digestion, excess mucus in body, congestion and respiratory issues. 
  2. Mental and Emotional Signs: Oversleeps and feels sluggish throughout the day, has little motivation to do anything, is overly sentimental, has attachment issues or is greedy. Feels depression and sorrow. 
  3. Spiritual Disruptions: Feeling a sense of dulness and blockages to your highest self and potential. 

Pacifying The Kapha Dosha 

To pacify an aggravated Kapha Dosha we can look to various different lifestyle and nutritional Ayurvedic practices to go from sluggish and dense, to connected and energetic!

Nutritional Recommendations for Balancing Kapha: 

If Kapha is wet and heavy then we want to spark our Agni (digestive fire) with spicy and and activating foods. Raw foods like smoothies, juices and salads are all great options. Use warming spices like cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne, pepper, and ginger help to spark a fire for a damp Kapha. Some of these spices can be found in our Magic Nootropic Blend and our Mystic Ceremonial Cacao. Avoid sweets, and dairy. 

Lifestyle Recommendations For Balancing Kapha: 

If you have ever felt smothered by someone's kindness, they may have a Kapha imbalance. When Kapha is overactive they hold on to people or sentimental items. They are nostalgic and can become codependent on their relationships. To pacify a hyperactive Kapha, think light and mobile. Wake up with the sunrise, don't take naps, incorporate more movement and activity into your daily routine. Practice dry brushing to enliven your body from the outside in. 

Kapha friends

The Nurturing Kapha

If you are a Kapha, THANK YOU for always being the friend that we all need. The one who sees us at our lowest and always shows deep compassion and support, the one who always has tea and a little snack ready for your guests. Kapha's make this world a more kind, balanced place. My core message to Kapha: Your gifts of compassion are a necessity for this world to function, you are needed and you are valued. 

Always consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner for personalized guidance in balancing your Doshas and promoting overall health and wellness.

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