Vata’s guide to balance

Vata’s guide to balance

Understanding Vata

The elements that make up Vata are air and ether  The qualities of Vata consist of coolness, lightness, movement, change, roughness, quickness, dryness and mobility. Vata is known as “that which moves things” it is kinetic energy. Physically, it is the nervous system, respiration, elimination and the movement of thoughts. A Vata dominant person is creative, inventive, light hearted and open minded. They embody pure expression and enthusiasm for life. They make wonderful creators, public speakers and healers. 

When Vata people become out of balance it can be hard to focus or make decisions and their skin and tissues feel rough, dry or thin. They can have no motivation to connect to others and can feel overwhelmingly anxious. 

A balanced Vata: 

  • Natural excitement for life

  • Has creativity flow through them

  • Healthy digestion

  • Feel social, want to connect with others

  • Mind feels open and alert

  • Sleep through the night

  • When stress arises you’re able to acknowledge it and rest

An imbalanced Vata (needs warming): 

  • Brain feels flighty and its hard to focus

  • Anxiety is high

  • Decision making is a challenge

  • Constipation and/or gas

  • Skin is dry, cracked, rough

  • Lack of juiciness in your skin tissues as well as in life

  • Feel overworked or exhausted yet can’t relax

  • Can’t make decisions

  • Falls asleep at a regular time but abruptly wakes up between 2:00am - 4:00am

  • Feels hyper sensitive, easily effected by outside events / opinions of others

  • Lack of healthy boundaries that lead to taking on the burdens of others

Pacifying Vata 

If Vata represents cool, light, dryness then to balance those qualities we seek warmness and density. To do this we can begin in the body, Avoid dry, raw, light foods and incorporate oil-rich, cooked foods into your diet like avocados, sweet potatoes, puréed soup, warm oats, squashes, ext. When spicing your food aim for spices that are warming, sweet and sour like cumin, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and vinegars. Because the mind, body and spirit are all connected, to balance the physical body of Vata you also seek out warm, dense physical practices as well. Exchange warm words of encouragement with a loved one, receive consensual loving touch, take a warm bath and do heated yin yoga. Oil your body with sesame oil prior to showers to lubricate your skin and joints. Vatas are all in the mind so to remain fully empowered it's important to avoid any mind clouding substances. Avoid alcohol, smoking, coffee and drugs to remain clear and balanced.

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