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Union - Woman Produced Mexico Single Origin Coffee Beans

Union - Woman Produced Mexico Single Origin Coffee Beans

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Celebrate the strength and resilience of female craftsmanship at every stage, from bean to cup.

Experience the embodiment of empowerment and exceptional taste with our Reiki Infused Single Origin Mexico Coffee Beans, sourced exclusively from a woman-produced farm and skillfully roasted by a team of remarkable women.

Handpicked from the sun-kissed soils of Mexico, these premium coffee beans bear the essence of a nurturing environment tended to with care by dedicated women farmers. Cultivated using sustainable and ethical practices, each bean embodies a story of dedication, passion, and the unwavering spirit of women in coffee cultivation.

From the very first aroma to the last sip, indulge in a sensory journey of smooth, nuanced notes and the delightful depth of flavors that reflect the unique flavors of Zongolica, Mexico.

With each purchase of our Reiki Infused Single Origin Mexico Coffee Beans, you're not just savoring an exceptional cup of coffee; you're supporting a chain of female empowerment, from the farmers to the roasters, fostering a community of solidarity and empowerment.


12oz Medium Roast 

Notes: Caramel, Brown Sugar, Coconut

Origin: Zongolica, Mexico

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra, Catuaí

MASL: 1,250 - 1,700

Seasonal Rotation: For the months of July - January the Union single origin is sourced from a woman produced farm in Mexico, from the months of February - June the Union origin is sourced from a woman produced farm in Honduras  

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Union - Reiki infused single origin coffee

This medium roast single origin coffee from Zongolica, Mexico is crafted by women from bean to bag. We work exclusively with a woman produced farm, it is then roasted and reiki infused by women before being bagged and shipped to you!

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Customer Reviews

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Great coffee

I am in love. So smooth and great flavor. I also ordered the espresso beans and both of them are at the top of my favorite list. I will definitely be ordering again.

David Butterfield
These beans are special

I first had this coffee in the modrn medicin cafe as a pour over. The delicate balance of flavors with just the right amount of body from the roast blew me away. You can taste the gentle care imparted from the farmers highlighted to perfection by the roasters. A rare goldilocks coffee, for sure!